Flaming Torch
The Ritual
Flaming Torch
June 24, the date you had set aside; the date to be joined as one; as Master and slave, as Dominus and chosen one.

ARKTOS: “Do you come here to be collared of your own free will, not forced or coaxed by anyone or anything?”
aurea: "I come to you of my own free will."
ARKTOS: “Are you aware of what means being a slave? Do you fully understand it?”
aurea: "A slave serves to enhance the Dominus pleasure."
ARKTOS: “Let the ceremony begin. Take the collar on the table and bring it to Me. Walk away backwards, not turning your shoulders to Me. you shall always do like that. Walk here with downcast eyes, then when you reach Me kneel down and lift the collar higher than My waist. You shall do this every time you bring Me anything. Wait for my permission to let you stand.”
aurea turns to a small carved table where several objects have been placed. She selects a beaded black collar from the items and returns to kneel, never turning her back, keeping her eyes lowered, and lifting it to Arktos just as he had asked.
Arktos takes the collar, puts it on a second table and gives aurea a small copper coin.
aurea takes it and puts it in a special purse.
ARKTOS: “One. you may stand now.” aurea stands.
ARKTOS: “Now take that pin and that cup on the table and bring it to Me.”
Again aurea moves to the table without turning her back and selects the large pin with the silver set agate head and a silver chased cup. With her eyes lowered, she returns them to her Dominant and kneels, offering them up.
ARKTOS: takes pin and cup, puts them on the second table and gives aurea a second copper coin.
aurea takes it and puts it in the purse.
“Two. you can stand, little one.”
aurea stands.
ARKTOS: “Now bring here that flagon on the table.”
aurea returns to the table and retrieves a crystal flagon with the figure of a dragon.
ARKTOS: takes the flagon, puts it on the second table and gives aurea a third copper coin.
aurea takes it and puts it in the purse.
ARKTOS: “Thrice I paid your labour, and now it belongs to Me, now and forever. Kiss my hand”
aurea complies and kisses the proffered hand.
ARKTOS: “Kiss My foot now”.
aurea kneels awkwardly and prostrates herself before Arktos to Kiss his foot.
ARKTOS: “Thus it is because I command your respect, now and forever. Now touch the ground with your forehead".
aurea easily complies from her position.
ARKTOS: puts gently His foot on aurea’s head.
ARKTOS: “Thus it is because I am the Master of your body, now and forever. And now rise, take that bowl, fill it with wine, prick your thumb with the pin, let one drop of blood fall into the goblet and bring it to Me."
aurea rose, poured a bowl of wine and made several stabs at her thumb tryng to get the drop of blood as ordered. Getting a drop, she pinched it off and delivered the bowl to Arktos, kneeling before him.
ARKTOS drinks a sip
ARKTOS: “Thus it is because I am the Master of your mind, your soul and your heart, now and forever”.
ARKTOS: fastens the collar around aurea’s neck
ARKTOS: “You will now Wear My collar. you are fully and lawfully My slave, now and forever. Stand, slave. mine from now onwards”.
Aurea, smiling softly, rises.
ARKTOS: helps her up, hugs her, runs His hand through her hair, grabs it, pulls gently aurea’s head back and kisses her deeply.


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