* aureaslave> reaches up to well defined left shoulder untying the knot that holds buttery silks in place, allows smooth sheath to slide sensuously down rounded curves, slipping to the floor.  Stepping free, tiny toes catch creamy pile, toss it lightly to Master Arktos

* aureaslave> sinks in a serpentine wave, to closed knees, setting ample right hip to the side, extends toned left leg and lying back on the larl furs draws right knee up and extends shapely leg to the sky, petite toes pointed, drawing line of leg out straight, lowers and rolls onto belly, slave fire building

* aureaslave> presses up on two hands raising to the height of pointed shoulders, tender breasts pinned between soft elbows, coppery tendrils curl all down strong arms and sculpted back, arched neck holds head sharply back, as sibilant tones leave parted lips

* aureaslave> folds elbows and lowers face to the ground, squirming on the soft furs, rolling over to arch back high, pressing shoulders back, head rolls to the side, knees drawn up and rolling from side to side, hands find belly and slide ever up to cup full breasts, thumbs roll over taut cherry nipples

* aureaslave> brings hands back down over heated belly, slides lower to the parting of the thighs, runs hands over lustrous thighs, slides back down again to touch slave heat, warmed fingers penetrate fold formed where smooth legs come together, walks digits down to touch lips, spreads slave oil in trails back over ivory thighs

* aureaslave> whimpers at the thought of Master's hands finding slave's body as left leg pushes down, pushes body to slide backward, right leg follows suit, slave hands trail back to breasts, find nipples and pluck the taut orbs, rolls back to lie on round breasts pressed flat and slave belly presses heat to the furs

* aureaslave> lifts shoulders with arms at their sides and moves hips in a circle, grinding slave heat into circles of lust, flexing and releasing muscles in ample butt cheeks, head raised and copper framed face a picture of the passion felt, as more sounds and whimpers escape stretched throat

* aureaslave> at a sound, opens emerald green eyes and spies Master Arktos watching slave in throes of self amusement as thoughts of him run readily through a girl's mind inspiring greater lust and bucking of slave's hips as heat is ground to the furs, building the tension and mounting pressure to be with the Master

* aureaslave> with gaze fixed on Master's eyes continually presses hips alternately with defining circles with the butt, crawls forward and flips onto a girl's back, long auburn tresses pool like a classical halo, hands snake from nipples to slave heat, fingers find their target and spread an even glaze of moisture, low moans escape

* aureaslave> sits up, turns to face Master Arktos and with legs folded underneath leans back, making a bow of slave's back and snake arms over belly and breasts, knees spread wider as the Master watches, hands run to slave heat and come away wet with juices of passion traced over belly and shown to the Master

* aureaslave> finds a voice and with eyes fixed on the Master's face, whispers: "la kajira."

© June 4, 2010