I’ve Told You i Was Thinking of You

Seeing You in the doorway, i lower my eyes and wait for instruction or acknowledgement before moving or even greeting You.  i am Your slave.  It is up to You to decide when i come to You or whether i am allowed that pleasure.   

i wait, muscles tensing, wanting to move to reach out to You.  You stand in Your tall, dark magnificence, slowly drawing off your sweater.  You take in the sight of me, cowering in my pale chemise, red hair curling down about my shoulders.  You know the full, round hanging belly hidden there, as well as the handfuls of breasts awaiting Your touch.  The heavy thighs are no secret to You, and the folds all packed away only wait to unfold before You.  

"My little slave," You croon, "Have you been a good girl?"  

"Domine, i DO try, Domine.  i really do."  my response was too fast and probably does not sound sincere.  

Your smile, Your beautiful warm smile comes easily, and it appears as if You don't find anything wrong with my response.  "Alright then.  Come and assist with my clothing."   

A sheepish grin on my face lets show the fact that i know You hardly need help, but i can't wait to get into it.  "Domine,  You honor me."  i take the steps to meet You, always with my eyes lowered.  

i begin by wrapping my arms around Your waist and tugging the tail of Your oxford shirt from Your pants.  At the same time, You slide Your fingers into my hair and hold me while i work.  The shirt hem slips free, and i roll my head to cradle in one strong hand and kiss the other. Slipping my hands around Yours, I unbutton one shirt cuff, and then the other.  i slide my hands around the back of Your neck and slide them around Your shoulders and down Your chest to the first button, the second and so on.  i always leave myself open to Your teasing, but attempt to remain focused on my task, which was what i was ordered to do.  Getting all the points free, i remove Your shirt and drape it neatly over a chair.  

You simply utter "Uhm - hmm" in approval, then chuckle when i grab Your belt buckle.  

my arms go around Your waist again to loosen Your belt and slip it off, laying it across the same chair.  i unsnap and lower the zipper on Your pants.  They come off easily.  Your hands have found my tits through the light slip i am wearing, and they are heavy in Your hands.  You are having fun juggling them back and forth, and i am quite distracted from what i am doing.  i remember i am taking Your slacks off just as You find my nipples and give them a good pinch.  my knees give- in a delicious cringe, and i let out a happy moan.  

my hands massage their way around your waist to grab the back of Your t-shirt and pull it up. You bow so i can pull it over Your head.  As you bow i whisper "adoro Domine." and You reply with another tweak of my nipples:  

"Take it off."  i tilt my head, obviously not understanding, and start to go ahead and hook the waist band of your underwear.  "No, no, no."  You tell me.  "your shift.  Take off your slip."  

"Yes, Domine, as You wish."  i hike up the hem of my slip and pull it over my head.  Immediately i feel Your hands on my body.  Almost as quickly, You pull me close and kiss me.  Your growing arousal is obvious, even through your under shorts.  You steer me to the bed and help me to lie down safely and comfortably.  You lie down next to me and continue to kiss.   

You kiss Your way toward my ear and notice the little shudders as You come close.  You note that for future reference that I am so turned on by Your kisses at my ears.  You continue with Your attentions and kissing on down along my throat and by my breathing You can tell that i am just as turned on.  i had told You as much before, but You are now seeing it Yourself.  All the while as You are kissing me You are fondling my tits and playing with the nipples as well.  

After spending a leisurely time necking, You move Your mouth to suck on my left nipple.  my whimpering intensifies and i start bucking and rocking my hips.  Your hand runs down my belly and fondles the bulk and the rolls.  You feel the creases.  You slide Your hand on down between my legs and i part them to allow You access.  Seeking the slipperiness and the wetness, You run Your finger through my slit as well as biting my nipples.  

"Oh suck it hard!"  i cry out, forgetting myself.  You ignore this oversight and continue because You can tell i am close to cumming.  my groans and grunts become faster and louder with a more plaintive wail to them, then become almost silent and You stop completely.  i moan an animal complaint and fall back.  i open my eyes to see what You are doing, and see that You are shucking Your shorts.   

Ah, Your magnificent lingam, Your penis, Your cock - object of worship, bringer of joy.  As i watch, the beloved prick comes toward me.  "Show your Domine how you love Him."   

"I shall gladly show, Domine!"  licking my lips, i anxiously await the drop of moisture beaded on the tip of Your cock.  And finally, You allow me to kiss the very tip of the head.  "mmmmmm Gorgeous. Wonderful."  as i begin playing with the blessed lingam, i play with the shaft and balls with my long red fingernails.  The nails act as a tour guide for my mouth which engulfs the entire length of the shaft, as i embed my nose against the mass of hair at its base.  i swallow and swallow against the tip continually pulling the head into my throat.  Oh, how i want You!  

You tangle Your fingers in my hair and begin pumping my head in a rhythm that works best for You.  Tears run down my face, i am so turned on by Your heat that i am dying to cum.  You feel so good in my mouth, i want a cock in my pussy and one in my ass too.  i am all about squirming.  

Suddenly You pull away from me and i gasp.  i realize You are shifting to move between my legs, or actually to try what i said worked last time i was fucked, and You remembered. You straddle my right leg and slide sideways to insert from the side and i feel You inside me, it is such an amazing feeling after so long, i just want to hold You there - but i want to fuck.  i want to make You happy, and i would love for us to both cum at the same time. 

"Do me Domine!"


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