Dance of Submission


aureaslave> moves to the sand of the dance pit, standing almost behind the post, makes chopping motions with the hands and moving actorís head as if just performing a daily task. long ringlets flowing about beautyís head, then girlís head snaps up as if she's heard something frightening and she jumps to the window to her left, (which is the back of the sand pit).

aureaslave> looks frantically, tangles hands in locks of coppery-auburn hair, and comes back inside, stretches as if to look high and bends low, searches in cabinets, and behind drapes.She hides behind a drape - fear growing in leaden belly, but is caught and drug out from girlís hiding place by the wrists, twisting naive arms around an innocent back and putting their captive in chains, walked, walked, walked to a point where slavers would take a new beast.

aureaslave> forced to kneel, crying, struggles against the chains, fights against the slavers touching girlís face, struggles against the chains, cries for release, prays for salvation; knees kicked wide open she listens to the beginning of some music, a body taken, sways in the flickeringlight of the hearth with the rhythm, long copper ringlets flowing about beautyís head as she rocks and moves a captive head back and forth,

aureaslave> the melody filling an untried body as the music fills idle ears and flows through her, the fire in a heated belly growing brighter and brighter with each passing ihn, chained hands move across the stomach, graze ample breasts and dance across a slender neck into auburn hair, head sways with the increasing beat of the music...emerald eyes fix for a moment upon His face, longing to see a sign that she is pleasing Him

aureaslave> emerald eyes are just as quickly lowered to the ground...body rocks back and forth with the beat of music she can't even hear, but can feel radiating from an anxious heart, coming from the fire that burns in, an fills a heated body, body rocking with the steady beat, she drops onto all fours and crawls slyly toward Master Montaro, moving beastís haunches like a she-larl, silks hugging greedy body tightly with each forward hort...

aureaslave> caught short of his feet by chains, the girl kneels again and parting silky thighs, soft hands rest on tender flesh of inner legs as the slave leans back until taut back is resting on the ground, ample breasts rising upward, taut nipples strain beneath her silks... body writhes on the floor, hands dancing across heated slave body, head tossing with the beat of the music that enters fresh ears and moves through her heart.

aureaslave> rocks with the pulse driving through beast body, burns with desire, Music whirls in giddy crescendo as chained hands work their way over slaveís head and vibrating body raises in a bow, showing eagerness for a Masterís touch.†† Beast draws up onto parted knees, gestures forward and draws hands back to lips as if drawing Him in for a kiss.Wanton hands slide down over straining nipples and heated belly.

aureaslave> as shoulders roll and sway again chained hands gesture forward beckoning Master close, to draw Him to beastís lips.†† suddenly, head, hands and shoulders drop as a keening wail starts low in slaveís belly, rising as arms are slowly brought overhead, wail loud and strong, head dropped as cry becomes ear piercing strong and as suddenly stops.Wrists crossed in chains, extended overhead, slave whispers:

aureaslave> la kajira

© May, 2010