Harden hardly seems to be the kind of town where one would find a kink friendly environment, but Master Reign and his slave j had been making the 98 mile drive from home for the last several months to join in monthly club meetings and play parties.  So on the outskirts of town in what would otherwise be an empty warehouse, they met with 20 or more like minded individuals, all gathering to exchange ideas and demo techniques.


The classically tall, dark, and severe Master Reign summoned his beautiful slave j from the group where she was chatting.  He admired her wonderful round stomach and full breasts, her broad hips and solid thighs.  He also admired the way her short, black skirt failed to cover the tops of her stockings.  She had enjoyed enough free time and he decided it was time for her to focus her attentions on him.  He watched her move appreciatively, all the fat moving in its own rhythm and no two parts of her body moving in concert as j approached.  He took both of j’s hands in his, short chubby fingers in his long, fine hands, and he brought her hands to his lips for a gentle kiss.  He pointed to the corner where they had stashed their belongings, indicating the “toy bags.”  j dutifully went to retrieve the items in question and returned to offer them to her master, with her eyes downcast, and her head bowed.


As soon as slave j presented the bags to Master Reign, he had her hold one bag open while he rifled the contents for a chain, one which he produced proudly and snapped onto the chain dangling from j’s chain choker she wore around her wide neck.  Leaving j to carry the bags, Master Reign took the leash and walked toward the hallway, knowing that she had no choice but to follow.  


A short hallway led through the limited finished area of the warehouse.  Master Reign led j into one of the rooms off this hallway, where the traffic was less, and the scene would be quieter.  There was an old banquet seat, a small table and a broken coat rack.  With her master’s permission, j set the toy bags on the table.  She took two steps away from the table and stood, head bowed.


“Find me a 20’ rope, slave.” Master Reign ordered.  Slave j immediately stepped to the table and searched in the second bag for a rope with two solid rings marked around the tips, the master’s method of marking a 20’ rope.  Finding the right length of tightly braided nylon, j pulled the coil from the bag and presented it to him.  “Please pull a silk scarf.” He continued.  j went back into the rope bag and returned with a square of brightly printed colors.  “That should be good,” he said.


Master Reign laid the rope on the table, then took the scarf and approached j.  He tied two corners of the same side around her neck then took the balance of the scarf and dropped it down the front of j’s blouse.  The tail of the scarf dropped out the bottom of the blouse and he separated the two bottom corners wrapping them around j as far as they would reach.  Slave j remained as motionless as possible, allowing her dominant his way with her.


Next was the rope.  Master Reign had picked up the rope, tossed the coil loose and was finding the center point.  Marking it with his left hand, he slipped his hand under her blouse and placed his thumb at the point of her sternum.  With his right hand, he made sure the scarf covered her breast, and then he met the left on the rope and with the left hand covered the left breast with the scarf.  Moving both hands back to the center point, it was time to wrap the rope around j.  Pulling the rope under her grapefruit breasts he fed the nylon on around her ample chest.  The rope ends were passed over each other in the back as if they were tying a knot, and he held the ends taut. 


“Remove your blouse.” He told her.  Slave j tilted her head and looked at him quizzically.  “Your shirt, come on, take it off.” 


Trusting her master to always have a reason for his orders, j grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head.  She had hesitated because there had been an announcement made to the group to watch out for exposed parts, just in case the group got raided; not that they thought it would happen, but that people had been getting careless.  Without her blouse, j was still covered by her scarf halter that Master Reign had tied on her.


With the rope tied in the back, and with the blouse out of the way, Master Reign instructed slave j to keep her arms out to her side.  His darker skin drew a stark contrast against her white flesh as he pulled the rope forward past the angelwings of her arms and wrapped it over the breast and crossed the ends down under the opposite breast.  Where the rope passed under the tit, he looped it under the tight starting rope.  He stopped working the rope for a moment to loosen the scarf over the breasts where the rope had pulled it taut.  The end of the rope then went back up around the sides and looped around the top rope and back around the tits.  At this point he stopped wrapping and went back tightening each section of rope as it went along, taking up any slack.


Master Reign continued to wrap and tie the ends of the rope until the entire length had been used to wrap and tightly bind the breasts.  Slave j’s tits stood out in odd, round, floral-covered cylinders.  He went to the toy bag and searched for a particular item he had in mind.  In triumph, he turned back to j and began feeling her left breast.  He wasn’t satisfied so he slipped his hand inside the scarf, and began pinching her nipple.  He got the nipple hard and standing up clearly evident through the scarf so he put a toothed nipple clamp on it.  There was a sharp intake of air and j hissed.  Then he turned his attention to the right breast and repeated the game.


Lifting her chin with one hand, Master Reign looked slave j in the eyes.  “How is that?” he asked. 


Slave j answered, “It is wonderful to receive the attentions from your hands, Master.”  Master Reign stared carefully into the depths of her eyes looking for deception, or signs that she was truly in distress and just saying things she thought he would like to hear.  Convinced she was handling the breast bondage okay, Master Reign took up the leash and told her to get the bags.


Master Reign led the way out of the little room and on down the hallway toward the front entrance of the warehouse.  There was another connecting hallway, and an immediate room off to the right.  There were people scattered around, two talking in the corridor, three just inside the doorway, but it was into this room that Master Reign led slave j, indifferent to the stares from the onlookers. 


One diminutive woman, dressed in sedate black, was straightening an impressive array of floggers and other implements, displayed on the walls or lying on racks.  Master Reign approached her and asked permission to use her space and equipment.  “Mistress Patty, you have such a well fitted dungeon space.  I would indeed be grateful if I might be allowed to use your space to teach my slave a lesson.  May I take this opportunity to use some of your equipment for my slave?” 


Mistress Patty smiled, her long dark hair giving her an exotic look.  “Oh sure,” She laughed.  “Let me know if you would like any help or you have any questions.” She continued sorting things into their proper places.  “I’ll be around.”


“Thank you.  I’ll try not to get in over my head.” Master Reign said, joking with Patty and he led j on in to the far end of the room where the implements decorated the walls and Patty was working.  There, in the center of that area, from the ceiling hung cables attached to winches on posts added just for that purpose.  He took the leash and attached it over a hook on the post to the left as they stood.  He faced j to the back wall so she would not be distracted by people coming in the door.  She still held the toy bags which he took from her, setting them just in front of where he had placed j.


Master Reign looked at slave j admiringly and stroked her cheek.  “Hobbles.” He said.  Slave j bent over and reached into the dark blue toy bag; Reign enjoyed the view, and j came out with heavy leather cuffs lined with sheepskin and fitted with heavy metal hardware.  Again j bent over and squatted, trying to get the cuff on her left ankle, she had to stand up a little straighter in order to get the cuff on her right; she fastened them as tightly as possible.  He bent to check them and approved of her job.  “How are the tits doing?” He asked, fondling the cylinders of her breasts.


“Fine, Sir.” Slave j answered weakly. 


“Well, Fine then.” Master Reign echoed.  “I require two, ten foot ropes.”  Slave j bent to the blue bag and drew out two of the tightly braided nylon ropes with the single ring marked around the end.  He thoroughly enjoyed watching the rolls of white skin on her back and arms, and the tops of her thighs as she squirmed to reach in the bag.  She stood holding the ten foot ropes and waiting for instruction.


Pulling down the cables from the winches, Master Reign snapped the hooks on the cables to the heavy “D” rings on the hobbles.  He took a ten foot section of rope and lashed a cable to j’s right knee.  He did the same to her left knee.  Then he stepped back and circled around, eyeing the position she was in.  He pulled another rope from the bag, checked the two rings at the end and lashed it around the thickness of her waist, including both cables in half the loops of the lashing.


Master Reign had slave j grasp the cables on each side at shoulder height.  Then he stepped to the right hand winch crank and turned the handle until all the slack was taken up.  The leather cuff on her ankle shifted up her leg till it was tight fitting.  He gave the crank one more turn and j’s foot came up from the floor.  “That’s not going to work.” He said with an evil grin.  Mistress Patty stood just to the side, ready to spot the playtime adventures of anyone using her equipment, especially during the casual goings on of the monthly parties.  Master Reign turned the slack out of the left hand winch, the leather cuff tightening, and gave it one more turn.  Slave j’s left foot came off the floor and she seemed shaky, wobbling on the ends of the cables. 


A one-handed push against the lashings around the waist was all that was necessary to send j’s impressive bulk swinging.  While j was focusing on keeping her balance, on keeping straight, Master Reign reached up and removed the clamp from her right nipple.  Slave j winced and struggled to maintain her balance.  Giving her another little swing, he removed the clamp from her left nipple.  She winced again and still fought to maintain her position. 


Next there was a knot that needed his attention.  Master Reign bent over the knot that tied slave j’s skirt in place.  He struggled momentarily to get the belt to loosen up, but it finally came free.  He slipped the ends of the belt clear of the loops and unwrapped her skirt; working it clear of the cables, he folded it loosely, then seeing an available hook on one of the posts, he draped it over the hook.  Slave j gasped as her skirt came off, but she had no choice under the circumstances but to accept her Master’s choice as she stood gloriously naked except for the scarf, her stockings and her ropes.


Master Reign retrieved a second scarf from the rope bag and folded the large silky square diagonally in half.  He reached up and put the triangle around j’s face forming a blindfold and tied it behind her head.  He dropped his fingers to her bound breasts and tugged the first scarf free on the sides where it covered her fleshy tits.  He ran his fingers over her bare skin, still bound by the ropes.  Without saying anything, he decided that the breast rope had been in place long enough, and he began the job of untying the rope that had her bound, while her hands remained locked solidly on the cable.


Master Reign began untying all the small zig-zaggy turns of rope on the front of j’s rope bra and pulled the ends free.  He wrapped his arms around her ample waist and slipped the rope loose.  He continued until all of the braided nylon was loosed from the stricture of her breasts.  A loose coil of the rope was dropped on the rope bag.  In the same movement he went to the toy bag and began searching.  He drew out a flogger with ½” wide rubber tails and then pulled another one of similar design.  He stepped in front of slave j and lifted the scarf that had served as a halter, over her shoulder.  It was still tied around her neck so it now hung like a cape.  Master Reign wasn’t worried about the nakedness concerns in this otherwise privately leased space. 


Holding the whips in either hand, Master Reign began a folding motion with each, forming figure eights first with the right hand, then the left, and picking up speed.  As the whips moved faster and started to fly in a fluid motion, he moved closer so that the tips were contacting her abused breasts.  They still showed a dark purplish color, which was dissipating before the whipping began.  j moaned and squeaked as the session progressed.  Master Reign seemed to be fueled by the sounds and he leaned in with fervor.  It did not take long before beads of sweat were forming on his brow.  The slapping sounds of the rubber, beating a regular tattoo.


At a point known only to Master Reign, he stopped.  Slave j’s moans continued but changed to something that sounded more like a purr.  He dropped the floggers next to the toy bag and removed a leather piece that looked like a latigo leather belt folded in half and stitched together most of its length.  He held it out to j, slapping her on the front of her thigh, touching her as he started around her, except as he was blocked by the posts.  He regained contact with her thigh and slapped her full, round, butt cheek.  He bounced the slapper and drew back for a much harder stroke.  j squealed when it made contact.  He kept up the same pattern, varying the contact point from hip to hip and from one spot to another.


Slave j’s buttocks were evenly red by the time Master Reign stopped using the slapper.  He quickly stepped to the wall of Mistress Patty’s toys and with a nod from her, selected a wooden paddle just twice the length of, and the width of his fully spread fingers.  He spanked it against his hand a couple of times with a grin on his face as he closed on his target and swung a mighty, uplifting WHAP! with the paddle on the underside of her butt cheek.  j pitched forward, struggling to pull back into alignment.  He watched her butt muscles clench and unclench as they struggled with her balance as well as fought off the pain of that strike.  As they settled down just a bit, he landed an upward blow coming up the bottom of the left butt cheek.  j howled as she pitched again in her suspension.


Master Reign had fun watching j bounce on the end of the cables as she jumped in reaction to the swats on her ass with the paddle.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw Mistress Patty appear with an ice bucket that she held up to show him was full of ice.  Again, she had given him a cause to smile.  He quickly decided his marionette had experienced enough of the paddle and laid it on the shelf for cleaning.  Then he turned to the new torture toy and drew out a palm sized chunk of ice and a paper towel to help grip it with. 


There was an outburst of laughter in the corridor and Mistress Patty went to try and quiet things down, to let the people known a scene was in session, and Master Reign saw he had collected a small audience near the door.  It made him proud of his slave j, and he was pleased with the onlookers that they were accepting her even though she was super sized and not the Barbie doll standard.  He quietly pulled a chair and sat down, watching the way her broad butt rippled and the way the muscles in her arms stood out in their softness as well.  Blindfolded, he knew that every nerve she had was reaching out for some contact, some sensory input, so much of her was well warmed up, and she needed to be fed. 


Master Reign waited perhaps five minutes, soaking in the view of her pale, corpulent body; the quivering flesh escaping in rolls created by the ropes, and it occurred to him that he needed to devise a game tracing the blue veins under her white skin.  He decided that the ice in his hand had melted enough.  Rising, and stopping first to adjust himself, he moved silently to drip ice water on slave j’s backside.  He heard the sharp intake of breath and smiled to himself.  That was his cue to start icing down her ass.  He started below the butt cheeks and pulled up into the dimpled butt, moving in horizontal lines. Back and forth from cheek to cheek, he worked his way up the sizable expanses.  He continued with the ice until it was mostly melted and j had mostly stopped her squealing.  Master Reign figured it was about time for a change, so he went back to the ice bucket and found a wet piece about the same size as what he still held. 


To his mind, it was about time to make some more noise.  Master Reign quietly stepped in front of j and carefully lifted the ice to touch just her nipples.  It took a few moments for it to sink in through her confused senses, and then she began to whimper.  As soon as he got that sound, he began icing first the areola then over the entire surface of her tits, with the ice held in each hand.  The symphony of her whimpers, giggles, and gasps was music to his ears.  He played at seeing how long her breasts would hold the ice underneath before it would squeeze out.  With the ice reduced to small chunks he took both pieces in his right hand and moved on.


With her ankles hobbled together, they were separated only by a little more than a foot.  Nonetheless, even with her legs so close together, he slid his hand under her heavy belly apron and between her legs with the ice.  She was already wet and slippery, but the ice was a shock.  As she squealed, he began to work his fingers with the ice rapidly.  With his left hand he went to her right breast and began squeezing the nipple, and he put his mouth on her left nipple and began to suck.  After a few moments, Mistress Patty stepped in and tapped Master Reign on the shoulder.  He disengaged and stood back, leaning down so his ear was the approximate height of her mouth.


“If you are going to be intimate in that way, a private space would be better.” She said in a low voice only he could hear.  “My space doesn’t work for that at these parties.”


Master Reign was annoyed, but he didn’t show it.  He just nodded agreement to Mistress Patty.  It was time to end the session.  Slave j still wore the scarf cape that he had hung on her earlier, so he turned it back to the halter position, hanging down to cover her breasts. He pulled the skirt from its hook and wrapped it around her waist.  She looked almost dressed again.  Taking a hold of the crank on the right side post, he pressed it down long enough to disengage the clutch so he could release it.  j’s left foot began to lower.  He inched it down until the toe and finally the heel of her shoe came flat on the floor.  There was a big sigh from j.  Master Reign stepped to left winch and began to lower it.  Once she had both feet on the floor, she wavered back and forth. 


Removing slave j’s hands from the cables, Master Reign opened her hands and rubbed them gently.  He massaged them lightly, hoping to remove the stress of tugging on the cables.  As she started flexing and wiggling her fingers, Master Reign set about untying the waist lashing.  When he got the final loop free, he dropped the 20’ of nylon on the rope bag.  He turned back to j and removed the scarf that had been blindfolding her.  Slave j blinked to focus her eyes and immediately dropped her head before her master.


“Untie yourself.”  Master Reign ordered.  He was refolding the scarf in his hands, and he bent over to drop it on the rope bag. 


“Yes Sir.” Slave j said in total compliance, bending over and squatting to try and get around her bulk, to the lashing around her right knee.  Master Reign kept an eye on her and watched her balance as much as when she was lashed on the cables.  j gave up trying to untie the rope on her right knee and twisted to try and reach the rope on the left.  It was obvious that the left knee was even worse than the right.  Master Reign reached out and caught her by the angel wing of a left arm and raised her back to her feet.  “It’s alright, j.  It’s alright.  Let me.”


In no time, he whipped the ropes from slave j’s knees.  He wrapped each of the 10’ ropes into hanks and dropped them onto the rope bag.  He unsnapped the cables from the hobbles’ D-rings and swung them free.  He also swung the latches open on the hobbles.  “Now,” he said, “you can finish policing the gear.”  


“Yes Sir.” Slave j replied, turning her attention to the rope bag.  Master Reign moved to the shelf where he had laid the borrowed paddle and picked up Mistress Patty’s cleaning/ disinfectant spray and a towel and wiped down the paddle.  With a nod to his hostess, he returned the paddle to its hook on the wall.  Slave j had wrapped the 20’ ropes into hanks and tucked them in the bag with the 10’s and the scarf.  She tucked the toys into their bag. 


With a quick glance over the area to see that they were leaving it in the order they had found it and weren’t leaving anything behind, Master Reign put a hand on slave j’s shoulder.  “It’s time.”  He directed her, taking up the leash, prompting her to move toward Mistress Patty and the door.  She balked long enough to pick up the bags and followed her master’s tall form. 


“Mistress Patty,” he began.  “Thank you for the use of your dungeon, your space and your equipment.  I had a very good time.”  He pulled slave j forward in front of the Mistress.  “You may speak.” He said.


Slave j lifted her head ever so slightly.  “Thank you, Mistress, for the use of your dungeon equipment.  I’m sure it has given Master a great deal of nasty ideas.”


Mistress Patty laughed, with a flash of her dark eyes.  “Always happy to help a fellow perv.”  And with a bow she turned her attention to the others standing near the door.


“Outside, j” Master Reign said. “Let’s take it to the van.”  The van in question was a 32’ RV or motor home that in addition to occasional traveling, they always drove to parties or events.  They used it to provide an extra bedroom at times, at the very least their own.  That way, if situations came up as they had in Mistress Patty’s dungeon, there was a place to adjourn to.


Master Reign had much longer legs than slave j and he hurried her along, as they made their way out across the parking lot, even taking the toy bag so that all she had in her hands was the light weight rope bag that wouldn’t slow her down.  Stepping up into the RV, j carried the bags to the couch and waited for Master Reign’s instructions.  When he climbed in, Master Reign went to the captain chair of the driver’s seat and sat with his legs outstretched.  “Slave, you may remove my boots.”  j dropped to one knee and pulled his boots off as suggested, and added the socks, draping them across the boots, placing the footwear on the mat near the door as he liked.


Standing with his feet wide apart, and his hands balled up on his hips, Master Reign still appeared commanding.  “Slave, get in the back.”  He ordered and j scrambled for the rear of the camper.  “Strip.”  He continued.  The back section of the RV consisted of a bedroom with a king sized bed.  j stopped at the foot of the bed and complied with orders, removing then folding the scarf she had still worn as a halter over her super-sized body, to go back into the rope bag.


Master Reign meanwhile stopped at the refrigerator, got out the ice and poured two glasses of soda.    He carried them to the bedroom and waited on slave j to finish with her stockings, which she accomplished with the use of a long handled reaching tool.  “On your back, spread eagle.”  Master Reign said and placed the sodas on a shelf as he greedily drank in the view while j bounced and jiggled and crawled on the bed.  Once she got herself placed, he offered her a drink from one of the glasses and he retreated to the toy bag.  “Lock yourself down.” He called. 


j knew that he intended for her to fasten herself in the Velcro cuffs that were attached to the corners of the headboard.  She had to roll around to reach and pull the cuffs up and get them on the mattress.  Using the right hand she slapped the Velcro on the left, and then laying back in the spread eagle position she set her right hand in the cuff and catching one corner with her finger, rolled her wrist till the cuff was closed.  By the time she was secured, Master Reign was waiting for her to settle and was getting an eyeful, watching her roll.


The overhead light was shining on Master Reign almost as if it had been put there just for him as he stood at the foot of the bed; he reached forward and laid several items on the mattress beside slave j’s hip.  j settled from her activity with the wrist cuffs and lay panting slightly.  He waited for her attention to focus on him and he moved first her shapely left calf wider to the side, then the right ankle was pushed open wider.  As her focus was clearly on him, he continued.  He reached over his shoulder, and then slowly, with purpose, pulled the black polo over his head; then he dropped it out of sight.  With great finesse he opened his belt buckle and drew off his belt; he folded the ends together and popped the leather against itself making a loud noise.  j flinched and he ran the created loop around the inside of her thighs before laying it down with the items from the toy bag.


Master Reign unzipped his jeans and shed them.  He mounted the bed on his knees, wearing nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs.  He walked up the space on the mattress between her knees and picked up an object from the pile on the bed.  He stopped before continuing, to take a drink, then set down the glass and returned his attention to his more than voluptuous slave.  In his hand he held a flogger which he began to swing easily in his right hand, the fine braided tails ending in small knots and fine ends.  As he swung the flogger, he picked up momentum and strength. He began to hit slave j on the breasts and the belly and he would lean back to hit the bottom of her belly and tops of her thighs.  He continued flaying away, watching her color to see the redness of warmth returning to her flesh.


Dropping the flogger back on the bed, Master Reign bent over and took her big left nipple into his mouth.  Slave j’s head went back into the pillow, as she inhaled sharply.  He spent just a minute then changed to the right nipple.  j whimpered and cried out from her closed throat, making very small sounds.  Master Reign sat back up, fondling both nipples.  “Close your eyes.”  He instructed in a husky voice and picked up an item from the shelf.  Striking the lighter, he lit the mounted emergency candle and laid the lighter back on the shelf.  He picked up the candle and moved over her chest.  It took no time at all for the pure white candle to form a pool of melted wax.  He carefully took aim and tilted the candle, dripping the wax onto the left nipple.  It landed a little to the inside but it elicited a gasp nonetheless.  He waited a few seconds for more wax to pool and dripped it onto the right nipple and the sound of more gasping.  From that point, he varied which nipple would get the wax so that it would not be anticipated.  Sometimes he only allowed a couple of seconds in between, sometimes taking several.  With each new pour, j writhed as much as she dared or was allowed; making the strange noises she blocked in her throat.  When he had a good shell built up on each nipple, Master Reign blew out the candle and returned it to the shelf.


He silently slipped an ice sliver from his glass.  To keep his cold fingertips from making contact, Master Reign ran the knuckle of his left hand down the slit in her fat vulva lips.  j flexed her legs so that her knees drew up and her ankles tightened.  He swooped in with the ice directly into the same slit.  He pressed it in and switched hands so that he was using his left hand to run the ice in her vulva, and against her clitoris, and with his right hand he reached for more ice.  When he scooped the new piece of ice, he immediately applied it to her left tit.  He iced down the wax to harden it.  He dropped the ice back in the cup and peeled the wax off.  He fished out another piece of ice and handed it off to the left hand to continue icing the clitty.  He ladled out another piece of ice and went after the remaining wax capped nipple.  So he spent some time applying the cold and then began to peel the wax cover.  The wax mostly removed, Master Reign was looking at two brightly pink nipples.


Master Reign had two beautiful plump breasts before him, but he knew that j felt that her left was more sensitive than the right, so he bent and took as much of her left nipple and breast into his mouth, while playing with her right nipple with his left hand.  He sucked hard, drawing more tit into his mouth.  He milked at it with his tongue and she continued whimpering.  His left hand palmed and pinched, rolled and twisted, and she continued making the small noises in her throat. 


Having taken all the titillation he was interested in waiting through, Master Reign straightened up and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and peeled them off, exposing his ready erection.  He moved to her hips and lifted her legs to the side.  He placed himself between her legs and supported his weight with one hand while using one hand to run the head of his cock through her heavy pussy lips.  slave j whimpered while he ran the head around entrance to the vagina clockwise, and counter clockwise, he pressed the head in, and then plunged in fully, all in one motion.  j cried out more audibly than she had since he had begun playing with her cunny.  Master Reign began pulling back out slowly and rapidly shoved his cock back in.  He repeated the stroke and set it as a pattern very slowly gaining in speed until he was just stroking in and out, and he could tell she was highly aroused, as his balls spanked their own rhythm.


Master Reign stopped pumping and grabbed her left leg, pulling it up in front of her and against his shoulder.  He leaned over and grabbed her right leg, pulling it up against his left shoulder.  It left her bottom completely open to him and he started pumping with a new energy, plunging straight down into her upturned hole.  j grunted with each thrust, as her belly was rolled up onto her chest, her excitement getting higher and higher with each short breath.  He wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled them into his chest driving his pelvis higher and tighter.   


Suddenly, Master Reign pushed slave j’s right leg down to the mattress while still holding the left leg up.  He straddled her right leg and repositioned himself with his thumb against her clit as he drilled her in and out.  He picked up a short riding crop from the bed and let out a sharp “thwack” on her backside.  A shrill “Yaa!” escaped her.  He continued thrusting and reached around to deliver a swift smack on her right tit, compressed now that she’d been rolled on that side.  “Aah!” she called out again and he slung the crop by its strap and grabbed her by the shoulder pulling down so that he could drive with particularly hard strokes.  He released her shoulder and smacked her ass again, continuing a random pattern of swats with the crop, and grabbing the shoulder to drill deeper.


As the intensity increased, the pattern became less random.  Master Reign began striking with the riding crop consistently on j’s great ass.  The heat was building; he would close his eyes and then force them open to slash with the crop.  slave j seemed to be chanting a steady “How! How! How! How!”  He could tell she was close to the edge and as he was close himself; he slung the crop and grabbed her shoulder once and for all, slamming and grinding his crotch tight against his slave.  “Cum!” He ordered.  “Cum!”  as he pumped against her shoulder and pussy.  slave j burst out with “Oh, oh, oh, …” and she had a sharp intake of air and she arched her head back and let out a keening wail.  Master Reign felt the load building in his balls and felt it course through and explode out into j’s waiting cum receptacle.


Master Reign allowed himself to relax in the comfort of slave j’s vagina and on her rounded form.  He very slowly would pull up using her shoulder again, and settle back.  Finally his cock retracted to the point that it fell away from her puss.  He reached out to either side and opened the Velcro cuffs.  That accomplished, he backed off and rolled to the side, swatting j on the butt.  “You may clean me now.”  He instructed.  j foundered on the bed, trying to get moving but the limited space and her bulk made it awkward.  She was also still somewhat dazed from the treatment she had just received from her beloved master.  She flopped and rocked till she could scoot down to the foot of the bed.  j rolled off the bed and leaned over the end of the bed, and sliding her hands under her master’s legs she asked “May I?” and he answered with a nod.  She lifted his knees and tugged his legs to pull his butt back down the bed until his cock was within reach of her mouth as she stood at the foot of the bed, leaning in, he propped up on his elbows.


With eager anticipation, slave j reached out with both hands and took in Master Reign’s penis, guiding it into her warm, waiting mouth.  Greedily she sucked on the velvety head, mashing it with her tongue.  “Easy!” he called out, warning her not to get so excited so quickly.  j stopped, without removing the head from her mouth, then began again, more slowly, sucking on the glans and using her tongue to massage the underside with a degree of finesse missing previously.  Moans of pleasure escaped her as she continued with relish.  It was obvious how it felt for Master Reign because it began to stiffen and become firm.  j reached up and added both hands to the shaft of his cock, rotating them in opposite directions and pumping them up and down the shaft.  “No, no.”  Master Reign ordered.  “Only your mouth.  Just use your mouth.”


She moved her hands, planted them on the inside of his thighs, working them feverishly as she went.  slave j slid off the end of Master Reign’s penis and stuck the tip of her tongue into the peehole slit in the tip.  She closed her lips over the end of the head and pinched them to work the head in and out, and then she opened her mouth more fully and slipped it over a greater length.  j pumped her head up and down the full depth of her mouth, and periodically she would break the rhythm to press further and take the entire length of his cock into her mouth and throat.  She swallowed to allow the head into her throat, swallowed to keep from gagging, and swallowed against the head in her throat, which was exquisite for Master Reign, and he got harder.  j continued sucking his cock into her mouth, with the occasional trips down her throat. 


Master Reign enjoyed the view of his slave, her ample back with it’s extra rolls, and her great round, reddened ass, all undulating with her efforts.  Her squeaks, moans and cries told him just how excited she was at her task, and that her excitement echoed his own, and he was not ready for either of them to finish just yet.  He reached down and grasped both sides of j’s head and slowed the pumping down.  “Not so fast, pet.” He echoed, and he set a slow, measured pace hoping it would slow things down, but he learned quickly that it wasn’t working.  j’s efforts with her tongue were just as passionate when he moved her head slowly as when she was in control.  Master Reign pushed her head back off and away from his throbbing member.  j looked up almost hurt “Master?” she asked.


“Move aside j.” came the reply as Master Reign sat up further.  slave j moved out from between his legs and as soon as the way was clear, he slid on off of the bed.  Without saying anything further, he pushed her down onto the bed, bent ass up, face down; he appreciated the way she looked in this position and if he weren’t already hard, it would have done the job.  Master Reign reached into a convenient drawer and pulled out a foil roll.  He picked it open and it held a gooey plastic syringe that they had pre-loaded with lube to be available whenever it was wanted.  He put one hand on j’s gorgeous butt and smacked her once.  Adding the second hand to her cheeks he pulled them apart to spot the puckered rosette of her anus.  Setting his left thumb against that hole with his fist and with the other hand, he picked up the syringe; he worked the plastic tip into the center of the hole and pressed the cylinder until the slippery tube was inserted two inches and he began pushing the plunger, filling her inside with the lube as he slowly withdrew the syringe.  Once the plastic was removed, he glazed the top of his penis and dropped the syringe back on the foil.  With his right hand he also returned to spread the glazing of lube on his member while with his left thumb he kept the hole teased open.  slave j moaned with his attentions, and tried hard to keep from pressing back against him. 


Master Reign replaced his thumb with the head of his cock against her sphincter and pressed forward against the resistance, guiding it with his lubed up hand.  He pressed till just the head popped in, and he stopped with j’s sphincter tightened behind the corona.  It was a highly erotic sensation.  j loved the feeling and waited anxiously for what her Master would choose to give her.  He slowly began to push.  Slowly he filled her ass and once he was planted all the way to his balls, he withdrew quickly, being careful not to come out all the way.  He started the push in again, admiring the back view of his lovely slave.  He found the extra rolls on her sides to mean more to hang onto, and the width and depth of her ass just made a more fun playground.  As he continued to press forward he slapped her left butt cheek, then her right.  In to his balls, he pulled back out and began the slow inward progress again.  Spanking started again in earnest, and the pacing of the fucking picked up.  The tight chute he was pumping felt so intense it was easy to pick up speed.  The spanking fell off a little and became erratic.  Master Reign grabbed j by the hips for more leverage.  He soon shifted his grip to her lovehandles, and then relinquished them for a more interesting grip on her breasts.  By that point, he was realizing the need for maximum friction and he reached further and grasped her by the shoulders to realize total penetration as his balls slapped the vulva with each plunge. 


After the fabulous oral stimulation and then the heat of taking slave j in the ass, the visual stimulus of j’s round body quaking beneath him, fat jiggling with the movements, it did not take long before Master Reign felt his balls tighten and he was getting ready to orgasm.  He grabbed tight on her shoulders and pulled up solidly into her ass, planting himself as deep as possible, and blew his load of cum.  His throbbing cock continued to spasm and empty as the balls drained themselves of available semen.  j had been close to a climax herself, and feeling her Master reach his climax was enough to trigger hers.  She worked her ass muscles to squeeze and drain, milking his member while fighting to hold it fast as it began to recede in its tunnel.  Master Reign withdrew from her wanting hole and openly grinned as she shook and pouted.  He took a couple of steps and pulled a towel from the rod where it hung in the bathroom and tossed it onto the bed beside her before stepping into the shower.  “Tracie,” he called, using her given name to let her know that the scene was over and to come back into her senses, “You can have the shower in a minute; I won’t be long.”  He started the trickle of water and stuck his head back out.  “Besides, we have a party to go to!”