Session In the Dungeon Room

Blindfolded for the last 25 minutes, all her other senses had become hyper attuned to anything going on in the room around her. Being naked, her skin was tingling with every air current. Unfortunately, she had a very patient dominant who had spent the time leaning against a table, unmoving, watching her and offering no clues.

His experience told him that one of two things should happen, that the submissive should become more excited and fearful, or become relaxed in the blindfold. Neither was preferred over the tension of the unknown. Keeping the submissive off balance was a necessary part of the equation.

The submissive’s posture began to relax. Her face lost the pulled look of trying to force some vision through the blindfold. This was what he had been watching for. Smiling, he used a remote from the table, and turned on a CD player, with intense, dramatic music suddenly filling the room.

After not receiving any sensory input but the sound of breathing then unexpectedly being awash with the full sound and power of the music on the stereo, the submissive sat straight, tingling in every nerve. A gasp escaped her parted lips. Again her dominant smiled.

Leaving the music to blare its effect for a few moments, the dominant turned to peruse the items on the table and selected two, a pinwheel, and a forceps holding a wad of cotton. Moving to his submissive, he took the pinwheel and quickly rolled it up the outside of her right arm from her elbow to her neck. He did the same thing with the cotton on the left.

He tucked the tools into one of many pockets on the black sportsman’s vest that he wore, and left the submissive alone again. A new sound came to her ears as "thunk, thunk, thunk," and metal hit metal and she became excited at what she knew was the small, one-gallon weight bucket being purposefully filled with nuts and bolts. It was on a pulley system for use with clamps or any other delights the dominant could come up with.

The dominant was finally satisfied with the weight of the bucket, so he made another selection from the table and returned to his slave. He ran his right hand down her left breast and judged its weight. He pinched and tugged at the nipple, coaxing it to harden, to protrude further and he set a clover-type nipple clamp on it that would tighten as it was pulled upon. He ran his right hand over the right breast and repeated the process with the clamp.

As each clamp was added, she unevenly sucked in air through her teeth, sighing as she exhaled. Nipple clamps were an exquisite pain and he knew she thought so. There was a chain extending between the clamps and he tugged the chain, lifting and jiggling both breasts. Satisfied, he reached for the rope attached to the pulley for the weighted bucket, and attached its snap to the chain.

The submissive felt the bucket trying to lift her breasts. Then momentarily, she felt the pinwheel circling her left nipple and running down the sensitive underside and running down her round belly. It rolled around just over the pubic crest and back up to the underside of the right breast ending in a circle around her right nipple. It caused shivers to run down her spine.

Placing the pinwheel into a pocket, the dominant grabbed up his next implement, a soft rubber flogger with 12" tails. He ran his hand over his submissive's shoulders and brushed a large circle over the folds of her back. He held the flogger up and swung lightly drawing figure eight’s in the air, moving closer until he made contact with her back. He began to pick up the intensity, both in power and in speed. Small moans escaped her lips.

Exhausting the power of the light whip, he moved up to a heavier one made of knotted rope. He varied the stroke pattern and continued to work over her back and shoulders, while her nipples remained clamped and reverse weighted. Her body trembled with each blow, and tugged her nipples. She moaned and whimpered with each shot. He changed to a heavier flogger.

The heavy leather flogger began delivering blows to her back that shook her with each stroke. She was now so well warmed to it that it served as a delicious massage. The dominant threw full arm swings to deliver relaxed shots with maximum impact. Finally he stopped and laid down the third flogger. He ran the clamped cotton he had used earlier over her warmed skin and she found it felt oddly scratchy.

The submissive was finding it hard if not impossible to form cohesive thoughts. She giggled. Her dominant reached for the bucket and unsnapped it from the rope. He next unhooked the rope from the chain on the nipple clamps, and replaced it with the bucket. It now bore down directly on the clamps.

She was guided to move and stand at the side of the bed. Her dominant had the submissive bend over and lean on the bed where the bucket now hung against the side. He pressed his hand in the small of her spine and she dropped the arch of her back. He turned again to the table of implements for a selection. He made one choice, made another, and opening a tube he applied lube to both.

Turning back to his submissive, the dominant took the now vacant chair. He reached for the submissive and pulled her so that her behind was turned more towards him. Now with his clear view, he stuck his thumb into her most private slit and ran it up and down. She tensed up at this new contact, welcome, but again, unexpected.

He switched his thumb for the dildo head of the vibrator he had picked up. Sliding it up and down for several strokes, he suddenly slipped just the tip of it into her vagina. This slip elicited a gasp from her. At that, he began slowly pumping it in and out, going in just a little further each time, until the bunny ears of the molding at the base lined up around her clit. He turned the vibrator on. He was greeted with a loud inhale and a whimper.

The dominant pumped, twisted and rolled the bunny vibrator all around. The submissive moaned, her muscles clutching at the toy inside her. Once she was going well, the dominant added the anal plug he had selected at the same time. He tested the anus with his finger, stretching the hole open, then adding the plug tip. Beginning to press slowly, he added pressure continuously while continuing to twirl the rabbit in her twat until the butt plug was firmly seated.

Once the anal plug was in place, the dominant focused on pumping with the bunny vibrator. He could tell from the sound of her breathing and her squeaking that she was close to orgasm so he just let it sit with the bunny on her clitoris and the shaft inserted as close as possible to her g-spot. Very shortly he was rewarded with the bucking of her silent orgasm, as she had learned to do.

He let her settle for a few moments to revel in her climax, and then he tapped her on the shoulder. She turned up from the side of the bed and he caught her by the arm. Pulling her on towards him, he placed her hands on either side of his groin for balance, drawing her face to his erect penis. He guided the tip of the penis to her lips and she smiled, taking on the task of orally serving her master with relish.

She slipped the head in her mouth and flicked her tongue back and forth across the underside. She slid her mouth down over the entire length of the shaft. Nibbling her way back off, she slid back down again. Setting up a pattern she began pumping in earnest. He laid his head back and enjoyed the sensation. Tangling his hands in her hair, he started to drive the face fucking himself.

At his pace it didn't take long before the dominant felt the ejaculation rising from his testicles. He timed it carefully and grabbing tightly, he thrust himself deeply into the submissive's throat and held it there. He felt the first surge hit and he retracted, continuing to cum in her mouth. He retracted again and squirted finally on her face, near her mouth. The submissive eagerly licked away the drops of cum she could reach with her tongue.

The dominant sat back in the chair for just a minute while he fished a kerchief out of his pocket and shook it out. Sitting up, he drew his submissive up under the chin and wiped her face, and then he tucked the kerchief back into a pocket. He leaned forward and placed a light kiss on her lips. She responded with her lips parted slightly and he kissed her again, his tongue searching.

While the kiss deepened, he reached down beneath the curve of her belly and between her legs. He slid his hand into the slippery fold of her vulva and began stroking up and back. The submissive whimpered with his efforts. The dominant also began to vibrate his hand as he slid it along its course. His mouth was hard on her lips. She drew her knee up to the side leaving more room for his hand to have easier access. The dominant grinned and doubled his efforts. It didn’t take long after all the stimulation for the submissive to begin to writhe and whimper, sucking on his tongue and grinding on his hand. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and the dominant immediately stopped.

Knowing she had made an error by moving on her own while so close to reaching a climax, she knew she was not going to find relief this time, and tiny grunts were escaping her throat.

Her dominant pulled her to her feet and removed the weight bucket from the chain on her nipple clamps. It was a shock to have the weight suddenly removed. He then began to knead and pinch her left tit and while doing so, pinched the sides of the clover clamp, causing it to open, and prying it lose from the skin where it was trying to adhere. He briefly popped the nipple in his mouth while his submissive was dealing with the pain, and he began kneading and pinching the right breast.

After removing the right clamp and suckling the nipple, the dominant pulled his submissive to her feet. He guided her to the bed where he helped her lie face down. He pulled a small vial from another pocket and verifying that the label read “oil of peppermint” he dabbed it onto his fingertip and bending over, smeared it through her labia, targeting a direct hit on the clitoris. He added a second dab for good measure.

He turned back to his carefully laid out table and picked up a tube of therapeutic muscle rub. He sniffed it and its acrid smell burned his nose. Looking over to the bed, he could tell the oil of peppermint was beginning to have its effect on his submissive, as she lay there shifting her legs against each other. He squeezed a gob of the mentholated rub onto his fingers and smeared it over her shoulders. He spread it liberally over her whipped back adding more where necessary as he covered the expanse of her back and buttocks with the stinging rub. She was writhing and tensing in reaction to the heat and the bite of the ointment she knew would only have been applied for her own good.

Suddenly the scarf that had been covering the submissive’s head was slipped lose and removed. Just in front of her was her dominant’s gentle smile. “Well done, little one.” He praised, and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Then he left her side, turned out the lights and left the room.  



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