Birthday Dance

aureaslave> dropping to wide set knees she listens to the beginning of the music, her plush body swaying in the flickering light of the hearth with the rhythm, long ringlets flowing about her head as she rocks and moves her head back and forth, the melody filling her body as the music fills her ears and flows through her, the fire in her belly growing brighter and brighter with each passing ihn

aureaslave> delicate, soft hands find her pale, doughy thighs and begin to travel up her body, emerald eyes burning with the desire to please all who watch, her body aching to feel her Master's touch...buttery silks ride up as her hands move over them, revealing in the light her heavy, dimpled, ivory legs, a glimpse of her desire showing briefly

aureaslave> her body rocking with the steady beat, she drops onto all fours and crawls slyly to Master Arktos, moving her haunches like a she-larl, silks hugging her body tightly with each forward hort...arriving at His feet, she kneels again and parts her thighs...placing soft hands on the silky flesh of her inner thighs she leans back until her back is on the ground, ample breasts rising upward, taut nipples displayed beneath her silks...her body writhes on the floor at His feet, hands dancing across her slave body, her head tossing with the beat of the music that enters her ears and moves through her heart

aureaslave> a soft moan escapes her lips as her hands rub across her heat for an ihn as they continue to travel up her belly and as they do, she brings her torso forward, rising up towards Him, her head being last to leave the ground, long ringlets brushing across the ground until it teases the small of her back

aureaslave> her hands move across her stomach, graze her breasts and dance across her neck into her hair, her head swaying with the increasing beat of the music...emerald eyes fix for a moment upon His face, longing to see a sign that she is pleasing Him before they are just as quickly lowered to the ground...her body rocks back and forth with the beat of music she can't even hear, but can feel radiating from her heart, coming from the fire that burns in her an fills her body

aureaslave> she flips again to all fours and turns away from Him, her round ass high in the air, creamy thighs spread, generous hips still swaying to reveal the thoughts in her head...looking over her shoulder and smiling playfully at His chest, she lies on her stomach and rolls over again onto her back, her ass resting between her legs, heels touching her sides

aureaslave> her head sways on the ground with the music and as the tempo increases, her hands once again find her tresses, running through them then back to her body, exploring every last bit of her being, needing to know that He wants her, begging to feel Her Masterís touch on the ivory flesh

aureaslave> as she feels the music begin to climax, she pulls her body up, her head just reaching Master Arktosís belt line as she sways with the music, wild ringlets flowing about her head, sweat glittering her body like stars in the night

aureaslave> freely her hands explore her body as she tries to show Him how desirable she is, the silkiness of her thighs, the heat of the fold of her belly, softness of the ample peaks that come from her body, kissable pert nipples...again she moans as the music beat accelerates, her hands leaving no part of her body unexplored

aureaslave> her body rocks back and forth with the music, lavish ass wiggling on the ground then up in the air as she raises up on her knees then lowers herself down until her head touches he ground then back up again, the desire to please Her Master filling her and consuming her slave flesh as her eyes close an she enters the world only slaves know

aureaslave> knowing the music is at its climax, the need to please never having been so strongly burning within her, she rocks her body, head swaying in the beat, hands running all over, across the silks that cover her painfully hard nipples, across her round stomach and over the silks that cover her soft slave heat

aureaslave> she drops back down, her back resting on the floor, head still moving with the music and pulls herself back up quickly as the music stops just as suddenly as it started...she falls forward at Master Arktosís feet, her body spent and burning with the desire to please, heart still remembering the beat of the music as she still sways her head softly in time,

aureaslave> ample breasts heaving as she breathes, brilliant emerald eyes burning with want and need.

aureaslave> laying there, the words, spoken in a whisper: ďla kajira

© March, 2010